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Drone Services

Soaring Heights Imagery offers fully SACCA licensed and insured drone services, ranging from 4k cinematic aerial cinematography to precision agricultural analysis. All aerial drone services are subcontracted to a ASL and SACAA registered ROC holder.



A drones viewpoint allows for a completely unique perspective of the topic at hand, and showcases elements in a way that was once unimaginable. Our licensed aerial drone specialists have worked on a variety of projects including feature films, corporate videos, outdoor events, TV commercials, construction sites, real estate assets and many more. Aerial videography and photography is one of our main drone services.


Using our state-of-the-art aerial drones, we are able to capture volumetric analysis and thermal imagery to uncover overall operation data and progress. With technological advancements in sensors, our drones allow us to accurately survey mines at a fraction of traditional surveying costs.

Image by Sam Knight


Crop health analysis and contour mapping are only identifiable from the air. Using the latest drones and sensors, we are able to identify problem areas on crop health, irrigation and crop monitoring. This is an important element to consider when looking at the overall value of a farm and how to increase profitability.

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